george simeo
i'm a freelance motion designer and creative director who loves clever storytelling. with a background in animation and production, i'm at my best when helping to refine ideas and leading projects from concept to completion.

i value the art of listening, collaborating and assembling little teams to tackle big multimedia projects. my personal work spans: cinematography, set design, installation, animation, projection mapping, 360° dome and virtual reality.

i'm hired to bring a wide range of ideas to life and that, keeps the madness alive.
in-between renders, i co-host a podcast and monthly events for digital artists. montreal in motion happens on the last thursday of every month at moment factory!
i'm always searching...
to collaborate on meaningful projects. if you're trying to shake things up and reshape how we see the world, i would love to hear more about you!

+ 1 514 516 1833
7255 alexandra, suite 203
montreal, qc, h2r 2y9

Sweet! We'll be in touch.