Neurological Institute / A BRILLIANT NIGHT

Animated 360° dome film created for The Montreal Neurological Institute –The NEURO– and screened at The Montreal Planetarium.



A Brilliant Night is an artistic interpretation of a journey inside the human brain, inspired by The Neuro’s research with stem cells and cancer treatment. The film screened inside the dome of the Montreal Planetarium, literally transporting the audience inside the brain –at least, for a few minutes! Given this marriage of venue and subject matter, it gave me the opportunity to reflect upon the parallels between the infinitely small and infinitely large aspects of our perceived universe.

The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is a world-leading destination for brain research and advanced patient care, founded by Dr. Wilder Penfield in 1934. This film was one part of a large fundraising event to help this research continue.




A Brilliant Night’s mission was to help translate year’s long scientific research into a simplified, moving story that gave a glimpse into The Neuro’s present and future pursuits with stem cells and their potential to help cure this disease.

Below are some reference images used for inspiration along with their resulting interpretation.

Formation of a neuron.

Formation of a neuron.

The real neural network.

The real neural network.

The    Raman Probe    (laser that detects cancer cells) an award-winning tool developed by The Neuro and Polytechnique.

The Raman Probe (laser that detects cancer cells) an award-winning tool developed by The Neuro and Polytechnique.

MRI scan showing signs of multiple brain tumours.

MRI scan showing signs of multiple brain tumours.




Big thank you to the Montreal Neurological Institute and the A Brilliant Night Foundation for inspiring this story. This project could never have been completed without the amazing software and support from the entire team at Mettle! Special thanks to The Big Brain team for their incredible brain imaging work and support.


Concept, Script, Art Direction, Direction: George Simeo
Animation: George Simeo, Patrick Goski, Dominic Pons, Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Audio Mix (dome): Benoît Dame
Projection Technicians (dome): Simon Gauthier, Patrick Geoffroy
Sound Design: Joe Barrucco
Voice-Over: Dr. Kevin Petrecca

Client: Montreal Neurological Institute
Chief Researchist: Dr. Kevin Petrecca
Research Associates / Advisors: Dr. Michael Jermyn, Dr. Timothy Kennedy, Dr. Denise Klein, Dr. Robert Zatorre, Simon Drouin, Amanda Fritz, Anita Kar, Chris Kent, Michael Peccho
Producers: Heidi Small, Wendy Sculnick, Marie-Claude LaCroix